Amsterdam News SUmmit

Whats’s Next in the News industry ?

by Annabella Stieren

Media is in a crisis. Masses of foreign correspondents lose their jobs. Freelancers and interns copy and paste wire-news, creating content fast and furious while quality journalism is dying. Soon we will only read about “The ten cutest white kittens ever!!!”  – sponsored by Whiskas. Rupert Murdoch is anyway buying everybody and everything pretty soon  and the next generation, all the so-called “millenials” will be uneducated, uninterested in politics and most importantly never be wanting to pay for news. Nobody can stop that. We as journalist should move on and all look for exiting new career options: Become an Instagram-Superhero and save the world with a picture of our (gluten-free!!!) quinoa salad.

Journalism, hah, that’s over baby  – accept it! 

“Well… maybe not!”, says everybody who has been at the Google News Impact Summit in Amsterdam last weekend. Media professionals from Europe and America came together for a conference, carrying the theme “Remixing Journalism Formats, Technology and Design”. Listening to the debates seemed like a peak into a hopeful media future. A future in which hackers are interested in journalism, data-visualization gurus join forces with people that know how to make money from advertising and kids will use their free time to take visual walks through war-torn Syria rather than play war on their X-Boxes.

Is that realistic? Will the internet and new technology solve all the problems it has created for journalism? And if yes, who will make it and who will fail ? At the Summit we have asked the most innovative media professionals about the most innovative media innovations. Here are their innovative answers.

On this blog we will take a look at the most innovative ideas, existing trends and media start-ups. Is it true, what Ryan Mark from Vox media says, that today we have to think about advertisement-strategies first to be successful? Is that a good or a bad thing? We will be critical and open to debate. We will also leave the richest corners of this world and take a look outside. What is happening for instance in Africa, the Middle East and Asia? We want to find out, stay curious and hopeful.