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Yournalism: What YOU want journalism to be!

By Faten Bushehri

Yournalism is exactly what it sounds like: Your + Journalism = Yournalism.

This Dutch start up is a crowd funding website for investigative journalism. The idea is to give the public the opportunity to choose and financially contribute to the stories they think are worth investigating.

How does it work?

The public use this platform to connect journalists who have good stories with media outlets.

  • Journalists pitch their story ideas on the website
  • The people decide which story pitch they like and want to support
  • Users then contribute with money to help the story reach the target funds

I talked to the founder of Yournalism Huub Schuijn to get in depth information on how the idea started and why is it different:


Target funds are decided based on two main things:

(1) What is needed to do the research. Yournalism’s team asks journalists for a transparent budget.

(2) Calculation of what is a realistic amount based on the urgency of the topic, the media partners involved and other stakeholders that share the campaign message for them.

Yournalism takes 15% of the target fund as a platform fee to cover the costs of the campaign and provide editorial support and use of technology.

The final articles often appear in major national and international newspapers, where they can have more impact. On their official website, Yournalism says they are committed to guarantee that everything is investigated and checked, and is accessible to everyone, including non-donors.

Editor in Chief Guido van Eijck says there are plans to expand beyond the Netherlands:

“We definitely plan to expand to other countries, as our platform is tech-driven and can therefore easily be translated to other languages. Belgium is probably our first step abroad, because of the language.”

Yournalism will launch their new website in early January to include bilingual options for international projects in both Dutch and English.