• Challenges of funding for journalism innovation

     By Demba Kandeh

    Funding for innovations generally constitute a huge challenge for innovators across different parts of the world. Across different fields, not least in journalism innovation, funding is often a nightmare for many great ideas.

    A poster wrote with "Evolving Citizen Jou...
    A poster at a 2007 Citizen Journalism Unconference.
    Fancy it?
  • plague-share-4

    Plag App: making your content go viral

    By Gabrielė Gedvilaitė

    Sharing, liking, following or tweeting is a part of many social media users’ daily life. A relevantly new mobile application called Plag introduces a new way of spreading the information: by ‘infecting’. This social network is based on the concept of a virus: your location determines to what extent you are exposed to the content of other users.Fancy it?

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    ‘SHNUPS’: A Light in the Hashtag Jungle?

    By Hanna Valerie Wolf

    The German start-up SHNUPS aims to provide an overview of trending hashtags across social media platforms – an attractive idea not only for journalists, but also for Twitter-sceptics. Its success, however, will depend on its ability to engage a larger community of social media savvy contributors.Fancy it?

  • mindshakes logo 2

    Mindshakes: News Food For The Millennials

    By Anne Koopman

    Mindshakes, a new online news platform for the Dutch millennial. Is this the answer to the big question; how to reach Generation Y?

    Only a couple of days ago, Mindshakes celebrated their one-month anniversary. The online platform by now has more than 6.700 likes on Facebook and 283 followers on Twitter, and Editor in Chief Ward Wijndelts says the achieved results so far exceed all expectations.… Fancy it?

  • Virtual Reality becoming reality. Credits: Com Salud

    Virtual Reality: The Quest for an Immersive News Experience

    By John Ainger

    The perpetuation of virtual reality may well have negative consequences for spotty teenagers who haven’t left their room in days, but the development of this technology holds many exciting prospects for immersing the audience in journalism.


    My ears were pounding with the cacophony of rapturous applause and the rabid screams of 80,000 adoring fans.… Fancy it?