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    7 tips for every start-up struggle

    By Gabriele Gedvilaite

    For the last few years Amsterdam has been listed as one of the best cities for start-up companies in Europe. The recent rankings announced in October 2015 indexed the capital of the Netherlands as the 2nd best city for start-ups in the EU.Fancy it?

  • Homepage of Yournalism's website.

    Yournalism: What YOU want journalism to be!

    By Faten Bushehri

    Yournalism is exactly what it sounds like: Your + Journalism = Yournalism.

    This Dutch start up is a crowd funding website for investigative journalism. The idea is to give the public the opportunity to choose and financially contribute to the stories they think are worth investigating.… Fancy it?

  • White Spots: The Extinction of unconnected world

    Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 19.43.05

    While many Brits still make jokes about spending whole summer of their childhood in front of television, watching a BBC children’s program called Why Don’t you just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go Out Do Something Less Boring Instead?, an APP you can only use while you are connected to internet, but designed to share your experiences about the unconnected world is about to launch.… Fancy it?

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    Mobile news- the new Gutenberg moment?

    By Anastasia Costisanu

    The Financial Times might be one of the best instance of a succesful transition through all the media changes that have happened in the last century. Established in 1888, when Queen Victoria was on the throne, the newspaper has evolved to a turning point in 2012, when digital subscriptions surpassed the print ones.… Fancy it?

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    Big Stories for Small Screens: Are longreads fit for smartphones?

    By Kristian Andersen

    Not too many years ago, it was a common perception that the emergence of the Internet would doom the existence of quality journalism. The myth claimed that not only would legacy media be forced to cut back on less profitable resource-demanding stories, but furthermore the Internet was inherently unfit for long articles.… Fancy it?

  • Correlations: Facebook.com

    Hitting the Spot: A New Way to Find Correspondents

    By Lynnemore van Ommen

    Are you, as an editor, looking for in depth information to add to a headline on Colombia but your media organization does not have a correspondent in that particular area? Just login at Correlations.nl, click on the map and find the local journalist you need.… Fancy it?

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    The millennials´ new media platform

    By Ida Eri Sørbye

    It might have all started with sending off selfies and nudes. And sure, people still do. But by now CNN, Vice and Mashable are on board, and Snapchat is not just lightweight entertainment anymore. Even though BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan and MTV keep the celebrities close at hand.… Fancy it?

  • Amsterdam News SUmmit

    Whats’s Next in the News industry ?

    by Annabella Stieren

    Media is in a crisis. Masses of foreign correspondents lose their jobs. Freelancers and interns copy and paste wire-news, creating content fast and furious while quality journalism is dying. Soon we will only read about “The ten cutest white kittens ever!!!”  – sponsored by Whiskas.… Fancy it?

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    NewsNext: producing, distributing and consuming news in the future

    On this blog we will present profiles of new news operationsn worldwide, analyse their business and content strategy and assess their contribution to the total news ecosystem.

    Contributions are made by students of the Erasmus Mundus programme of the University of Amsterdam.… Fancy it?