• relap.io

    How could media increase their traffic for free? Using Relap.io

    Anastasia Costișanu


    Relap.io is an advisory service tool which media can used to recommend readers relevant materials and articles through self-learning algorithms.

    Relap.io service was started in the autumn of 2014 and its monthly service generates, as the founder Serghei Shalaev states, 2 billion recommendations and a coverage of 15 million unique users per day.… Fancy it?

  • Dataminr

    Dataminr: Real-time Tweet Aggregator Challenges News Agencies

    By Kristian Andersen

    With more than 500 million daily tweets, Twitter has become an irreplaceable source for real-time eyewitness accounts of unfolding events all over the world. An American company, Dataminr, has found a way for transforming all that information into trustworthy news.… Fancy it?