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    15 Lessons for a Wannabe ‘Super Jounalist’

    By John Ainger

    20 years ago, the term ‘Super Journalist’ meant something very different. He was a man dressed in a full body, bright blue spandex outfit, red briefs, slicked back hair and a velvet red cape. By day he worked at The Daily Planet and called himself Clarke Kent.… Fancy it?

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    Scrollytelling: Explain the World in Style

    By Drasko Vlahovic

    Scrollytelling is a hot trend in online journalism! All the leading players in the media industry have joined the quest for applying innovative storytelling methods. Photos, data visualizations and video effects are combined to produce engaging and impactful stories.Fancy it?

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    Mobile news- the new Gutenberg moment?

    By Anastasia Costisanu

    The Financial Times might be one of the best instance of a succesful transition through all the media changes that have happened in the last century. Established in 1888, when Queen Victoria was on the throne, the newspaper has evolved to a turning point in 2012, when digital subscriptions surpassed the print ones.… Fancy it?