• PV_social_avatars

    Pagevamp: Transforming Facebook pages into Websites

    By Noor Anwar

    Pagevamp is the easiest and fastest way to publish a website.

    “Making a website was a problem.  So we fixed it.”

    The innovative startup uses a Facebook page to immediately create a multi-page, sleek and beautiful, mobile optimized website.  … Fancy it?

  • Amsterdam News SUmmit

    Whats’s Next in the News industry ?

    by Annabella Stieren

    Media is in a crisis. Masses of foreign correspondents lose their jobs. Freelancers and interns copy and paste wire-news, creating content fast and furious while quality journalism is dying. Soon we will only read about “The ten cutest white kittens ever!!!”  – sponsored by Whiskas.… Fancy it?