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    The Arctic, a Hotspot for Hyper Local News

    By Ida Eri Sorbye

    Way above the Arctic Circle in an island community in Northern Norway, one of the hottest trends in journalism research is unfolding. They do not call it hyper local, and they do not try particularly hard to be trendy.… Fancy it?

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    Graphix-box: A marketplace for infographics

    By Lynnemore van Ommen

    ‘How many images are 1000 words worth?’ A quote that kindled my interest when I was visiting the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam last summer. Do you recognize those moments that the most simple way to explain a complex idea is by conveying it with just a few images instead of spending twice as much time to explain it in words?Fancy it?

  • Homepage of Yournalism's website.

    Yournalism: What YOU want journalism to be!

    By Faten Bushehri

    Yournalism is exactly what it sounds like: Your + Journalism = Yournalism.

    This Dutch start up is a crowd funding website for investigative journalism. The idea is to give the public the opportunity to choose and financially contribute to the stories they think are worth investigating.… Fancy it?

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    Mindshakes: News Food For The Millennials

    By Anne Koopman

    Mindshakes, a new online news platform for the Dutch millennial. Is this the answer to the big question; how to reach Generation Y?

    Only a couple of days ago, Mindshakes celebrated their one-month anniversary. The online platform by now has more than 6.700 likes on Facebook and 283 followers on Twitter, and Editor in Chief Ward Wijndelts says the achieved results so far exceed all expectations.… Fancy it?

  • Virtual Reality becoming reality. Credits: Com Salud

    Virtual Reality: The Quest for an Immersive News Experience

    By John Ainger

    The perpetuation of virtual reality may well have negative consequences for spotty teenagers who haven’t left their room in days, but the development of this technology holds many exciting prospects for immersing the audience in journalism.


    My ears were pounding with the cacophony of rapturous applause and the rabid screams of 80,000 adoring fans.… Fancy it?