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    Millennials: What are they Willing to Pay for?

    By Noor Anwar


    The obsession with Millennials results from the great implications their media consumption habits have on publishers and the future of journalism.  New research provides some optimistic insight on the hot topic.


    Millennials.  The generation that roughly falls into the mid teens to early thirties age category.  Fancy it?

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    Mindshakes: News Food For The Millennials

    By Anne Koopman

    Mindshakes, a new online news platform for the Dutch millennial. Is this the answer to the big question; how to reach Generation Y?

    Only a couple of days ago, Mindshakes celebrated their one-month anniversary. The online platform by now has more than 6.700 likes on Facebook and 283 followers on Twitter, and Editor in Chief Ward Wijndelts says the achieved results so far exceed all expectations.… Fancy it?