• leadsocial

    7 Things You Can Learn From a Lifestyle Business

    By Qing Li

    No office. No investor capital. Less focus on growth. A 28-year-old co-founder explains his ups and downs in running a lifestyle startup in the media industry, and how he keeps doing what he loves.

    We are not the typical startup so I don’t know if we’ll fit your project”, Jason Toesan Wen, the 28-year-old co-founder of LeadSocial, replied to my interview request.¬†… Fancy it?

  • Homepage of Yournalism's website.

    Yournalism: What YOU want journalism to be!

    By Faten Bushehri

    Yournalism is exactly what it sounds like: Your + Journalism = Yournalism.

    This Dutch start up is a crowd funding website for investigative journalism. The idea is to give the public¬†the opportunity to choose and financially contribute to the stories they think are worth investigating.… Fancy it?