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    Millennials: What are they Willing to Pay for?

    By Noor Anwar


    The obsession with Millennials results from the great implications their media consumption habits have on publishers and the future of journalism.  New research provides some optimistic insight on the hot topic.


    Millennials.  The generation that roughly falls into the mid teens to early thirties age category.  Fancy it?

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    Pagevamp: Transforming Facebook pages into Websites

    By Noor Anwar

    Pagevamp is the easiest and fastest way to publish a website.

    “Making a website was a problem.  So we fixed it.”

    The innovative startup uses a Facebook page to immediately create a multi-page, sleek and beautiful, mobile optimized website.  … Fancy it?

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    Lenny: Lena Dunham’s Feminist Newsletter

    By Noor Anwar

    The always outspoken and unapologetic Lena Dunham creates Lenny: a media platform for women who want to discuss Hilary Clinton’s view on race relations and Occupy Wall Street, but also be provided with an informative guide on choosing the right Loafers for every occasion – in the same conversation.  Fancy it?