• Check Desk

    It’s time to Fact Check your news using Checkdesk

    By Faten Bushehri

    -Checkdesk is a fact checking platform that allows media outlets and journalists to verify reports coming from the heart of the action. 

    With an overwhelming amount of breaking news and current affairs happening around the world, especially from conflict zones, media outlets have become more dependent on user generated content.… Fancy it?

  • Soundcloud is the main new media platform for Radio Encuentros

    Radio Encuentros: Advancing indigenous peoples’ rights through podcasting

    By Kristian Andersen

    The debate about the impact of new information technologies on journalism is often taken from the vantage point of traditional media. But how do international human rights organisations deal with the use of new media? At the intersection between alternative stories and advocacy, Radio Encuentros might give us an answer.Fancy it?

  • leadsocial

    7 Things You Can Learn From a Lifestyle Business

    By Qing Li

    No office. No investor capital. Less focus on growth. A 28-year-old co-founder explains his ups and downs in running a lifestyle startup in the media industry, and how he keeps doing what he loves.

    We are not the typical startup so I don’t know if we’ll fit your project”, Jason Toesan Wen, the 28-year-old co-founder of LeadSocial, replied to my interview request. … Fancy it?

  • What is periscope and how does it work?

    By DEMBA Kandeh

    Photo by: Ron Mader, Used under creative commons
    Photo by: @RonMader, Used Under Creative Commons

    Since the emergence of social media, the drive for better and greater tools continues to pre-occupy the minds of developers and users. Earlier this year, Periscope was launched as a live television broadcasting tool.… Fancy it?

  • plague-share-4

    Plag App: making your content go viral

    By Gabrielė Gedvilaitė

    Sharing, liking, following or tweeting is a part of many social media users’ daily life. A relevantly new mobile application called Plag introduces a new way of spreading the information: by ‘infecting’. This social network is based on the concept of a virus: your location determines to what extent you are exposed to the content of other users.Fancy it?

  • lXZEDPUmSOtq0m5FILqq1q6kGZ6Va-fqr5I0qjTZWZk

    ‘SHNUPS’: A Light in the Hashtag Jungle?

    By Hanna Valerie Wolf

    The German start-up SHNUPS aims to provide an overview of trending hashtags across social media platforms – an attractive idea not only for journalists, but also for Twitter-sceptics. Its success, however, will depend on its ability to engage a larger community of social media savvy contributors.Fancy it?